Here at Musicalitea, we strive to give you the best experience ever. When it comes to consuming our teas, we would like to provide you with some steeping information that would help produce the most flavorful tea. One thing to remember when extracting natures nectar from loose tea, you learn to develop patience and you also tend to discover what temperatures and times you prefer to prepare your tea. We offer two options that will help you on your tea journey. Those options are, our stainless steel tea balls, which are good for individual cups. Another option, is our tall glass thermos, for those who want to make their tea on the go.

      Below is the suggested steeping times and temperatures for all teas purchased. These guidelines will help you achieve your perfect cup of "Musicalitea".


Black Teas

"Hella Black"- steep @ (200F to 208F) for 3-5 Minutes

"Hella Black" Caffeine free - steep @ (200F to 208F) for 3-5 Minutes

"I'm Sprung" - steep @ (200F to 208F) for 3-5 Minutes

"I'm Sprung 2" - steep @ (200 F to 208F) for  3-5 Minutes

“Jerry Sprunger” - steep @ (212F) for 2-3 Minutes 


Green Teas

"Livin On A Prayer" - steep @ (160F to 170F) for 1-3 Minutes

"A Whole New World" -steep @ (176F) for 2-3 Minutes

"For The Love Of Money" - steep @ (176F to 192F) for  2-4 Minutes

”Untitled (How does it feel)” - steep @ (190F) for 2-3 Minutes


 Herbal Tea

"Red Bone" - steep @  (212F) for 3-5 Minutes

"Poetic Justice" - steep @ 180F to 185F) for 3-5 Minutes

"On Chill" - steep @ (212F) for 3-5 Minutes

"Restroom Occupied" - steep @ (180F to 185F) for 3-5 Minutes

"Happy Feelin's" - steep @ (212F) for 4-6 Minutes

"You Bring Me Joy" - steep @ (185F to 190F) for 3-4 Minutes

"Square Biz" - steep @ (212F) for 5-7 Minutes

”Strawberry Letter 23” - steep @ (190F) for 2-3 Minutes

 “Beauty In The Dark” - steep @ (212F) for 3-5 Minutes